The Effect of Regional Devdlopment Policies on Urbanization

“The Effects Of Regional Development Policies On Urbanization The Case of GAP” with its qualitative and quantitative content , literature search and data collection methods with interviews is one of unique studies on the subject of effect of rural development policies in the GAP (Southeastern Anatolian Project) Region.

This study demonstrates how crucial it is to take every aspect of economic and social life into account while designing and implementing regional development policies by introducing some examples of these policies in both Turkey and other countries. In this sense urbanization and related problems emerged in each city in Southeastern Anatolian Region are reviewed by using several parameters and develop proposals to mitigate their negative consequences on urbanization. It also aims at proposing solutions towards minimizing inequalities among regions through comprehensive urbanization.

In order to achieve these goals, theoretical foundations and scope of regional development and urbanization was handled and interaction between concepts of urbanization and development was analyzed. Besides, transformation of regional development on global and national level was studied, GAP was analyzed in terms of development indicators and relation between urbanization and development in cities of the region was addressed. That some regions and cities are more developed than others, reasons of rapid urbanization, effects of regional development policies to urbanization within the framework of GAP constitutes the main issues in the study.

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